Buddhist Teachings

The teachings of Buddhism have remained a liberating gift to mankind for the last 2500 years. Non-dogmatic and without any gods or commandments, they have enabled people to benefit both others and themselves. During the centuries, the three main ways of Buddhism have developed: The Small Way (Hinayana), the Great Way (Mahayana) and the Diamond Way (Vajrayana). They reflect various levels of Buddhist practice suitable for different kinds of people.

 ole_teachingThe Small Way is based on the teachings of Karma – Cause and Effect. It does not mean fate. The understanding that each of us is responsible for our own lives makes it possible to generate positive impressions consciously. This brings happiness and helps us to avoid the causes of future suffering. Positive states of mind may be strengthened effectively through the methods of the Diamond Way Buddhism, while negative impressions waiting to mature can be transformed into wisdom. The Great Way teachings emphasise the development of compassion and wisdom as tools to consciously help and benefit others. On the Diamond Way, every life situation is used to recognise the minds nature. On the Diamond Way, we see the Buddha as a perfect expression and potential of our own mind and use methods to directly identify with its enlightened qualities.

The goal of Buddhist teachings is Liberation and Enlightenment. Liberation means the awareness of body, thoughts, and feelings being in a constant state of change. Therefore, there is no basis for a real existing ego or “self.” Realising this, one no longer feels like a target and stops taking suffering personally. Enlightenment is the second and ultimate step. Here, the clear light of mind radiates through every experience. One realises that seer, what is seen and the act of seeing are interdependent parts of the same totality. In every moment, mind enjoys its self-arisen abilities and everything becomes spontaneous and effortless.

Especially today, with the many independent thinkers and new communication techniques, it has become possible to collect, organize and distribute Buddhist teachings, old and new, in attractive and fresh ways. Diamond Way Buddhism offers a rich access to all levels of these resources. Selected from the most essential instructions by qualified teachers to be useful to modern people, this website focuses on the Diamond Way teachings of the Karma Kagyu school headed by H.H. 17th Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dorje.