Hannah – Buddhism’s untold journey


This autumn, the movie “Hannah” will be shown in a row of cinemas in Denmark. The documentary tells the unique story of Hannah Nydahl. The Danish woman, who together with her husband, Lama Ole Nydahl, met Buddhism in the 60’s, and was given the task to make the timeless teachings available in the West.

‘Hannah’ tells the story of Buddhist pioneer Hannah Nydahl and her life bringing Tibetan Buddhism to the West. From her idealistic roots in 1960’s Copenhagen to the hippie trail in Nepal, Hannah and her husband Ole became two of the first Western students of His Holiness the 16th Karmapa – the first consciously reincarnated lama of Tibet in 1110. Hannah went on to become an assistant and translator for some of the most powerful Tibetan lamas and a bridge between Buddhism in the East and the West.

At the heart of the film lies Hannah and Ole’s unique and inspiring love story, and an account of how together they fulfilled the instructions of the 16th Karmapa by bringing Buddhism to the Western world. From Europe and North America, through the fall of communism in Eastern Europe and Russia, to being kidnapped by guerillas in South America, the film portrays the path of a great woman at the forefront of a turbulent, ever-changing world.

‘Hannah’ explores how the Buddhist ideal of freedom in all its forms is significant for modern society and why everything Tibetan should not be seen as holy.

Hannah Nydahl and her husband Lama Ole Nydahl started Buddhist centers throughout the Western world, and Hannah, who died in 2007, was posthumously awarded an UNESCO award for dialogue, coexistence and peace.

The film is directed and produced by Adam Penny and Marta György-Kessler.
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‘Hannah’ will be shown in following cinemas:

19. september – Biffen Aalborg
20. september – Café Slotsbio, Hillerød
2. november – Nicolai Biograf, Kolding
7. november – Humle Bio, Humlebæk
Endnu ikke fastsat – Café Biografen, Odense

In connection with each screening of the film, one to two Buddhists will give a presentation on Buddhism, answer questions from the audience and guide a meditation. In some places there will be a small reception. Our dharmashop will also be present with books for sale.

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