About KKS


The Diamond Way centres and groups in Denmark are part of the Karma Kagyu School of Denmark (KKS). Today, there are centres and groups located in Copenhagen, on Lolland, in Odense, Aarhus, Aalborg, Sønderborg, Silkeborg, Esbjerg, Vejle, Struer, and Viborg.

The centres and groups are the basis of the activity of the Karma Kagyu School in Denmark. Here, you can receive explanations about Diamond Way Buddhism, learn to meditate and take part in the buddhist community – called the sangha.

The centres arrange lectures and meditation evenings several times a week and occasional weekend courses. Following the links below, you can read more about the program of each centre or group.

The centres offer lectures for school classes and companies. Please contact your local centre for more information.

The activity of the Karma Kagyu School in Denmark is financed by contributors, and all the users of the centres and groups are very welcome to support them financially. The donations are primarily used for maintenance and the daily running of the buildings and for printing information material. All the work done in the centres is on voluntary basis.

You can become a contributor to the Karma Kagyu School by signing up at bidrag.buddha.dk.

NOTE! As a contributor you do not automatically become a member of the religious community.

The Karma Kagyu School

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